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Credence ID y Fulcrum se asocian en proyectos de Centroamérica

Credence ID y Fulcrum se asocian en proyectos de Centroamérica

Credence ID and Fulcrum Biometrics Partner to Win Mobile Biometric Projects in Mexico and Guatemala

Trident® and Credence One™ Devices Selected for use in Detainee Identification Solutions

Emeryville, Calif. USA. August 12, 2014

Credence ID and Fulcrum Biometrics, today announced two new deployments of their combined Android™-based mobile biometric solution in Mexico and Guatemala. Both projects will deploy state-of-the-art mobile biometric equipment and software to manage jail populations and to enhance prisoner and public safety.

The Trident device, which includes fingerprints, iris matching and facial recognition, will be used for prisoner enrollment and identification in the national prison system in Guatemala by the Policia Nacional Civil de Guatemala. The customized hardware and software solution, available from Fulcrum Biometrics, allows the Policia Nacional Civil to both enroll and identify individuals with on-board biometric matching capability.

In addition to the project in Guatemala, Credence ID and Fulcrum announced purchase orders for a prison management and roll call project in Mexico. The Android application, written by Fulcrum Biometrics, is in support of a larger server based prison management system developed by a local Fulcrum partner. The server based solution runs on top of the Fulcrum Biometric Framework, (“FbF® ”) and supports the fingerprint and iris recognition capabilities of the Trident and Credence One devices.

“Fulcrum is finding great receptivity to Credence ID’s Android-based devices throughout Central and South America for use in various civil and public safety applications. By combining Credence ID hardware and Neurotechnology’s MegaMatcher development tools for Android, we are finally able to rapidly develop and deliver mobile biometric solutions into a market that demands low cost, multi-modal equipment that is as easy to use as today’s ‘smart’ Android devices,” said Ken Nosker, President and CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics.

The onboard storage and matching capabilities of Credence ID devices make them perfect for this type of use case due to the fact that prisons are typically difficult to network wirelessly by virtue of the extensive amount of concrete and metal used in the buildings. The application automatically downloads the entire “roll call” from the master database then uses on board matching to verify that each prisoner is in their expected location. Officers simply move from cell to cell while each detainee touches the scanner or looks into the iris camera thus providing extremely accurate and fast identification. The roll call application automatically marks each prisoner as present or not present and stores results on the device. When the officer returns to the control room, the application wirelessly uploads the results and alerts the officers of any abnormalities.

“Fulcrum Biometrics is a highly experienced biometrics company and we are delighted that they selected our platform for these two important public safety projects. We designed and developed our products from the bottom up for easy Android application development, to be mobile and extremely cost-effective. Fulcrum and others clearly understand the versatility of the Credence ID platform and how the world is moving towards mobile biometric ID,” said Bruce Hanson, President and CEO of Credence ID.

About Trident and Credence One

Trident and Credence One are the new standard in mobile biometric devices. These next generation products integrate simultaneous dual iris capture, a PIV-certified FAP 45 fingerprint sensor and a face camera, all running seamlessly on a purpose-built Android host. All Credence ID products are designed to meet the needs of biometric enabled civil, commercial, military and law enforcement programs that demand mobility and reliable capture in all possible lighting conditions along with the openness and scalability of the Android OS which allows fast, easy and diverse application development. Trident and Credence One provide operators with the ability execute matches both onboard the device or over multiple communications networks including cellular and WIFI. Standard features also include GPS for automatic geolocation and Bluetooth for connecting peripherals such as bar code readers and printers.

About Credence ID

Credence ID, LLC. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area and focuses on biometric innovation to create elegant and easy to use mobile products. The company possesses extensive technical expertise in projects involving mobile fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition technologies. Credence ID managers and engineers are fundamental contributors in many large-scale, domestic and international enrollment and ID programs including, the US DoD, AADHAAR (UID) of India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The company offers a broad line of mobile products capable of enrollment and identification in all conditions.

For more information call +1(888) 243-5452, send an email to sales@credenceid.com or visit www.credenceid.com

About Fulcrum Biometrics

With over a decade of experience in the global biometrics industry, Fulcrum Biometrics has become a trusted and leading producer, distributor and integrator of biometric identification systems and devices for commercial, civil and military customers in over 90 countries. Fulcrum is the developer and integrator of the Fulcrum Biometric Framework (FbF®) and Biodentify® product lines, which include both developer and end-user solutions for identity management, logical and physical access control, winlogin with enterprise SSO, time and attendance, live scan, AFIS/ABIS and mobile ID.

For more information, call +1(800) 430-4601 or visit www.fulcrumbiometrics.com

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